Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in the Nation's Heartland

This weekend "The Moving Wall"- a smaller touring version of the Vietnam War Memorial, is here in Westerville, Ohio. The Rotary Club has also set up rows and rows of full sized American flags and it is called, "The Field of Heroes". Anyone can purchase a flag in memory of a loved one who has served this country. The flags have blue hang tags with inscriptions from family members. The memorial has bright lights that shine on it 24/7. On Friday night the Boy Scouts were protecting the area. It was one of the top stories on the news.
What I find fascinating is that this sort of thing seems to create a strong sense of community. It just seems so natural to people that there is a memorial that fills a huge field, that it is a place of reverence and that everyone just respects that, without question. There are no airs of indifference to the situation. No one is protesting the mere presence of such a place.
I find this surprisingly pleasing and calming.
At the grocery store on Saturday, all manner of people were wearing red, white and blue shirts, often with garish graphic art of Eagles and flags, and these shirts ore openly admired by passersby.
It's a basic love of country. It's new to me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Scissor Fobs and Tassels

Here are three of the 8 tassels Shelley and I have been working on.
I paint the beads based on the colors in the tassel that Shelley makes. I'd never even heard of a scissors fob before now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

High Sewciety

Today marked the launch of a new Etsy Shop called High Sewciety. It's a collaborative effort - Shelley and I are making Scissor Fobs and jewelry and things for crafters and fiber artists.
So far we've put up 7 hand painted wooden bead and tassel scissor fobs and soon the thimble necklaces Shelley makes. Should be fun! We have so many ideas for the tassels, next up I want to do a Steampunk inspired one ( just so I can paint a top hat and gears! hahah!) and some for weddings too.

Check it out! Feedback encouraged!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worthington, Ohio Farmer's Market

I am a big fan of the town of Worthington. Bucolic splendor, amidst a little village built in the 1840's. Large park where there will be an ice cream social in two weeks. Ohio may be a Culture Shock for a jaded Californian, but the charm and beauty of the place and the friendly denizens are making me a believer. I know, I know...the SNOW!! well, in May, this place is like magic on a lush green blanket.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

German Village, Columbus, Ohio

I have been to German Village and I'm ready to live there for the rest of my life!!!! It is a charming 1830's German Settlement, with brick streets, well kept houses and a large city park with a duck pond. It's rather magical. It's been on my mind since going there yesterday and walking around a bit in the rain.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo Essay

California Zephyr No. 5

The train ride across the country was fascinating. First climbing into the Sierras and seeing the snow clinging to the sides of the scrubby mountain sides, then the vast wastelands of Nevada, a study in greyscale. Through the magnificent canyons of Colorado and high in to the breathtaking Rockies. Waking up to a flat green expansive horizon with meandering rivers and vivid green trees.

I saw an actual American Eagle, he was surveying a favorite fishing spot, from his perch on an old snag. I also saw a white deer, and a herd of wild horses, their manes tattered, their fur shaggy. Many birds, deer and cattle.

And little houses, alone in wilderness, or grouped with fellow denizens. I wondered what these people did. It seemed a meager existence.

I'll never forget that experience. In a word, America is majestic.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

All Aboard!!!

Tomorrow morning I will be boarding the train to Ohio. Right now the floor in the room where I'm staying is just covered with clothes, my portfolio, three little Teddy bears, shoes, all the things I need to take, but I've not figured out how to get everything I need in the luggage yet!